Sunday, September 5, 2010

16 Weeks

Got my maternity clothes out of storage yesterday...a little nervous about that! Haven't felt any flutters or anything in two days so I'm anxious about that as well. Going on faith and hope that everything is alright....pulled out the old el-cheapo wal-mart "doppler" and tried to hear for a heartbeat last night...heard something faintly that sounded like one but couldn't really tell if it was hers or mine or just my imagination. It was enough to put me to sleep though.

Settling into my new job of homeschooling two boys along with my son...I love it so much! Taking new pride in my rinky-dink teeny house and keeping the dishes washed and stuff, hahaha! :)
Hubby and I finally seem to be on the right track to getting our lives and our finances straight so we're both ecstatic about that and its a huge stress relief.

We bought a bassinet for the baby!! And some little girl clothes and a pink blanket...I almost cried when we bought it, I was so happy!

A couple of more weeks until the big ultrasound....I hope everything is ok...and I can't wait!!!

Wish I could just feel a kick or a roll or something.

I really need the reassurance that baby is still alive and ok!!

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