Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ok, I'm Done Complaining!

Taylor had a great swim practice. Tried on the new team suits (we order them on this sport is $$$$!!!) and got his silicone team swim cap.
He learned the butterfly today...just in time! The Asst. Coach signed him up for the 25m butterfly event at the meet next weekend.
He's so happy and excited and proud of himself. Definitely worth all the sacrifices!

Ate something and took a nap...I think that's the cure for pregnancy mood swings.

Feeling Becca kicking me...little tiny fluttery kicks, but still movement. Words cannot describe how amazing and wonderful it is to feel life inside me again.

It's just awesome.

Whew! Hope I can find a way to get used to and deal with all these hormones and physical and emotional side-effects of pregnancy.

I'm sooooo ready for February...I want to hold this little girl in my arms!

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  1. swimming is such a great sport, but you are right it is expensive. when we lived in Montana, my son's best friend was a swimmer for the "Y". I remember all their fund raising efforts. However,I also remember he swam for 2 hours 5 days a week; he was thin and could eat anything! I'm glad Taylor had a great practice and is learning what he needs to learn and that you are feeling a bit better than earlier today :)