Monday, September 20, 2010

18 Weeks!!

18 Weeks and all is well!

Starting to feel some movement...a few little flutters here and there and some little thump/rolls and even a couple of kicks!
Movement is sporadic and very light...if this wasn't my third baby, I could probably still pass it off as gas or indigestion.

Cleaned out the storage unit and tried on my wedding dress yesterday....good thing I was 6 months pregnant when I got married, eh? It felt so good wearing my wedding dress...I felt like a princess and thought I looked even better than I did in it when I got married.
Cleaned my stepdaughter's room/nursery and looked at the bin full of Jimmy's clothes...asked my husband why I didn't want to put them in the attic but I didn't want to give them away either...he said "you know why. it's like saying goodbye all over again." I cried for a couple of minutes and he just held me in silence.
So strange that if Jimmy had lived we would be complaining about having two babies in strange......
I miss Jimmy, but I'm also so overjoyed with the hope and love for this little girl inside of me.

Tomorrow is the big scan and the big test! Soooo excited!! :)


  1. you look wonderful!! glad all is going well! looking forward to hearing how the scan/test goes

    praying for you