Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Griefus! 19 Weeks and turning into a klutz!

Well, I was too busy crying yesterday to get a pic up for 19 weeks, but praise God, Becca has been moving all over the place!
(Yes, I have given up on going for Becky and agreed with hubby (and the kids) who prefer Becca over Becky for Rebecca.)
In fact, last night, when we were in bed, Rusty put his hand and my belly and she gave him a nice little kick. The first kick thats been felt outside of the womb and it went to Daddy. Yay! :) Now that's worth smiling about!

I have become so much of a klutz lately and I'm having a really hard time coming to grips with that. I've always been well-coordinated. Not graceful by any means, but well-coordinated. Yesterday I dropped two dishes and broke one.
Today I spent an hour and a half cooking Sunday lunch for everyone (teryaki beef, lima beans, and scalloped potatoes), serving them all their food and tea and then sat down with my plate, only to accidentally dump it all over my lap and on the floor.
And if that wasn't bad enough...I burst into tears!

Thankfully, my husband was very sweet and came into the bedroom where I had run to change my clothes (potatoes and lima beans all over my pants) and cry...he said "are you alright?" and I sobbed "I'm ok I'm just pregnant!!" hahahaha!! He gave me a hug and went to guide the dog in the clean-up for me. :)

Well, this week's symptoms are lots of crying and lots of dropping and bumping into things....wonder what next week will bring? Hahahaha!!
Oh I'm so grateful and so happy to be pregnant....I'll take whatever gets thrown at me. With a little prayer and some love from my family and friends, I'll do anything, ANYTHING, to get through this pregnancy and bring home a happy, healthy baby.

Thank you God for making my pregnancy very very NOT boring.

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  1. love the name Becca! so very pretty! so happy to hear she is making her presence known and kicking and moving! sorry about being a klutz though!

    enjoy the week ahead