Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First Doctor's Appointment

(Copying and pasting from my pregnancy-after-loss board because I am lazy!!)

After filling out the required initial paperwork, the very first thing they did was send me in the back with a tech for an U/S. (Love them already, haha!) She did a trans-vag U/S and saw a gestational sac measuring a little over 5 and a half weeks. (I am supposed to be 5w 4 days and she said it was bigger but didn't say by how much).

Nothing in the gestational sac yet, but the doctor assured me that was normal and as I recall, I didn't see anything in Becca's sac until 7 weeks or so. Also, I forgot to ask, but I was told by my last doctor that I have a tilted uterus so I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

He did a review of my history and our losses and told me that it is still a very real possibilty that my husband and I have genetical incompatabilities. *bummer!* Jimmy we know had a chromosome defect which could have been genetic, (my husband has a *special* sister with an unknown down-syndrome-like chromosome thing), our miscarriage could have been a chromosome defect, and he said that even Becca could have had a chromosome defect as well that could have triggered pre-term labor.

We just don't know yet.

The plan is for him to get all of Becca's test results and my medical information from the hospital that she was born in and see if they found anything.

For now, he ordered my HCG levels drawn today and again on Friday for comparison, and then another ultrasound on Monday so we can see if this is going to be a viable pregnancy or not.

IF this is a viable pregnancy, then he will do weekly cervical checks, but we are not going to do a prophylactic cerclage as there is debate right now as to whether Becca's birth was actually a true incompetent cervix, or pre-term labor caused by an infection or a genetic anomaly.

Further on, if my cervix shows any signs of danger, we'll do a cerclage. He also intends to do all the genetic testing, including amniocentisis (*EEP! Dislikedislikedislike!*) and thorough scans of the baby's organs, etc.

I also feel that he is receptive to an early delivery (IF WE MAKE IT THAT FAR!) because my history with Taylor & Jimmy both indicate that I could have a placental insufficiency problem as well, although he said that the baby aspirin I am taking now (that I was NOT taking with Taylor or Jimmy) will help the placenta work a lot more efficiently.

So, bottom line is no news yet but we have a plan in place and that is somewhat comforting. Now we just have to kick back and chill and see if anything grows in this little gestational apartment down there!

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