Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cat Was Right!

Soooo....the cat was right! I've gotten 3 very clear positive results from home pregnancy tests.
According to my calculations I'm right around 4 weeks, which would make the conception date Friday the 13th of birthday, hahaha! Happy Birthday to me?
(How of my children died on a Friday the 13th and now another was conceived on a Friday the 13th.)
The estimated due date would be February 4, 2012 which is the day after Taylor's birthday and less than two weeks from Becca's original due date!
This is the third pregnancy that I've conceived in May!
Wow...this is my FIFTH pregnancy!
My thoughts are sort of all over the place right now, I guess this is kind of a shock, even though we were sort of trying for it...I don't think we fully realized the possibility of getting pregnant the very first month that we were only sorta trying.

The first real conversation that my husband and I had regarding this new pregnancy was about the funeral plans...we both agreed if this baby dies like the others that we will not have a big funeral like with Jimmy and Becca and we will just have him/her cremated. After that, Rusty will get snipped and we will be finished trying to have biological children.

Sad that had to be our first conversation after a positive pregnancy test, but after all we've been through in the past couple of years, we really need to know that we have our plans in place and agree on everything up front.

I hope beyond hope that this is our forever baby and that God will bless us with a living child that we get to raise for many years to come.

Please, God?

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  1. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i am soooooooo excited!!!!! i knew there was SOMETHING up when you went private:-) i am so happy you decided to go public again!!! hugs!!!!!
    Oh, and COMPLETELY normal to talk about funerals. Everytime we visit Rosalynn, David and I talk about how it will stink that if Ava (i am now 22 weeks) passes too, that she will be on the other side of the cemetery, because that is where the plots we bought are:-( so we thought maybe we would ask my family if we could use my grandpa's plot since it is right next to my grandma's where Rosie is buried so at least the sisters can be close together.....morbid, I know, but a thought that every mom has after having a loss and is pregnant again I think.