Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feline Pregnancy Test?

So, the past two nights my cat has been sleeping on my head. She hasn't wanted to sleep in the bed with me since I was pregnant with Becca and shortly thereafter. She's a wild, but sweet kitty, and spends almost all of the time outside. She only comes in periodically to eat and be petted once in a while.
We have noticed however, that she tends to come inside and linger and be overtly friendly when I'm pregnant, and when she senses something is wrong...we joke around when she comes inside that something bad must be about to happen since she is already trying to comfort us.
So, this time, we are joking around about our little 'FPT' and having fun with the idea that maybe I'm pregnant and the cat already knows, hahaha!!

It's a sweet little bit of humor....even funnier if it turns out to be true! :)

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