Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marital Bliss?

We have had a wonderful week. Absolutely wonderful. :)

Thank you, God.

I am a very happy woman right now. Rusty did something very sweet for me on Friday for Mother's Day by giving me a trail of presents and at the end a letter from Jimmy and Becca (my husband transcribed a *dream* he had from them) that was so sweet I laughed and was such a beautiful and touching and healing moment for me.

Lots of other stuff going on that contributes to this feeling of wellbeing...played a gig at Market Street, we have a friendly and fun houseguest for the week, we are looking forward to a whole summer with the kids and getting to move into our new house next month...just a lot of things.

And it would appear as well that my husband has decided to once again just let God do his thing...we're not planning nor are we preventing. We're not trying, we're just...letting it be. And that feels so good. :)

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