Monday, May 9, 2011

A Letter From Jimmy & Becca

My husband gave me a letter for Mother's Day along with a card that was from the babies....he transcribed a *dream* that he had had a couple of days earlier, right before the puppies woke him up at 4am to be let out to pee.
(Note: Nevada is the sweet puppy that we bought right after Becca died to fill our empty arms...Nevada died in our arms less than two months after we got her and Rusty and I comforted ourselves with the idea that our babies in heaven wanted a puppy. Also mentioned in this letter is an apple tree...I was SO carefree and happy during my pregnancy with Becca that I climbed an apple tree with the rest of the kids. The doctor told me that climbing trees while pregnant was not what caused me to lose my daughter, but it still weighs heavily on me sometimes...I even wrote a song about it.)

Here it is! My letter from the babies...made me laugh and cry at the same time:

Latest conversation with the kids…


Dad - *grumblegrumble* whattttttttttttttttt!?!? I was sleeping…..

Jimmy & Becca - Daddy! We have to tell you sumptin! It’s for mommie!!

Dad - Ugh…good Lord…fine…it better be good…

Jimmy - It’s mommy day dis Sunday! YAY!!!! She needs to know we love her! You got her the card right? Right daddy? The card?

Becca - Yay card!

Dad - Ummm…yeah…I ummm…yeah…the card…

Jimmy - Daddy…did you forget agin??? You member what happened last year?

Becca - MEMBER???!?!

Dad - Yeah…I do…I was in the dog house…

Becca - HAHA…WOOF WOOF..Daddy was in the dog house…just like Nevada! Hey Nevada! Daddy was in duh dog house! HAHAH


Becca - Nevada laughed Daddy.

Dad - *grumble*

Jimmy - Inway daddy…tell mommie we love her and we miss her and to please stop crying. We wish we could be wid her but heaven is so much fun! It’s like ice cream and playgrounds all the time! Tell her she was SUCH a good mommie to us even if we didn’t get to hug and kiss on her. We felt such love and caring when we was in her belly.

Becca - I member climbing a tree!!! It was fun!

Dad - Yes Becca but that was dangerous…

Becca - I don’t care! It was fun!!!! APPLETREE! APPLETREE! APPLETREE!

Jimmy - Be quiet Becca! You make too much noise!

Becca - No I dont!

Jimmy - Do too!

Becca - DO NOT!

Jimmy - DO TOO!!

Dad - CHILDREN!!!! That’s enough. Do you have anything else you want me to tell your mother?

Becca - *sticks out tounge*

Jimmy - DAD!! Becca stuck out her tounge at me!

Dad - *rolls eyes*

Dad - Focus children…I’m about to wake up for real…the new puppies we have need to use the bathroom.

Nevada - *AWOOOOOO!!!*

Becca - Nevada is laughing at you agin daddy.

Jimmy - Inway daddy…we love you too but dis is mommies day…give her a big hug and a big kiss for us. Tell her I’m taking care of Becca cause she is so little. I miss her so much daddy.

Becca - ME TOO!

Dad - OK kids…I love you…



  1. Seriously brings tears to my eyes. Wonderful gift from your husband and your sweet Jimmy and Becca. HUGS Katie! I hope that you are doing well.


  2. what an awesome husband you have <3 :*)

  3. Oh Katie! I am crying...this is soooo sweet, and I can totally picture them!! i am always thinking of you!! Hope your Mother's Day was filled with peace and angel kisses from your babes! HUGS!!