Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Worryin'

Had my doc squeeze me in this morning...I was just hoping for him to pull out the doppler but he went ahead and did an u/s and everything looked good! Heard the heart beating, saw baby moving, etc.
When I saw the baby wiggling around I asked "why can't I feel it yet?" and he goes "because the baby weighs like an ounce! Girl, you have poops waaaay bigger than that!" Hahahahaha! My doc is the best. :)
He pulled out the lab results from my last visit and told me I tested negative for gono, negative for chlamydia, and negative for all the other STDS and I go "well gee I better be negative!" and he says "don't worry, I test the preacher's wife too." Hahahahahaaa!!! :)

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