Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still Worryin'....

I felt my first flutter with Taylor at the 3 month mark (probably because I was 98lbs and he happened to be in the right spot at the right time) and then didn't feel movement again for a few weeks.
With Jimmy, I felt the first flutter around 11 weeks...felt one or two flutters here and there after that...but nothing really definitive or consistent until around 15-16 weeks.
This being my 4th pregnancy (3rd this year!) you would think I would be feeling something by now? I'm almost 14 weeks! I'm not fat or anything so I should be able to feel movement.
What bugs me is that last week I definitely felt the presence of movement, a full feeling down there, and some other feelings I can't describe...I even thought I may have felt a flutter or two.
But this week nothing. Not even the feeling of presence.

I don't like this, it worries and scares me.

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