Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Losing Two More Children

My husband's ex-wife informed us yesterday that she will be moving to Texas in May and taking her two children with her....she has hired a lawyer and already begun the paperwork to change the current visitation agreement.
My husband is going to go from being a Dad who has his children in his home at least 10 days out of the month, to a Dad who sees his kids twice a year: Summer and Christmas.
This is going to kill him.
On top of her leaving and taking the children so far away that we cannot see them but twice a year, she has informed my husband that the house that she has failed to refinance and put in her name for going on 4 years now and an equity loan...she is just going to walk away from and leave my husband and I to foreclose on...we've been trying for 2 years to get a home of our own that is bigger than the 950sq ft--one bathroom we have now, and this is going to wreck our credit for a very very long time.
We met with a lawyer...the worst part? She can do this. All of this. With little to no repercussion.
With no thought for anyone but herself she is singlehandedly destroying the lives of several other people and the law sides with her. She is effectively destroying their relationship with their father...and that's apparently ok?? That's awful!

I'm just now trying to crawl out of the pit of despair after losing two babies and a miscarriage in one year...and my husband has been a rock, bless him, even though those were his babies too...he has been "ok" because he has had his two living children here to focus on and spend time with.

I am worried that when his children are taken away from him by their mother that he is going to fall apart. How can one man lose so many children in less than two years and still be alright? Especially a man like my husband, whose life revolves around his family.


  1. Oh Katie, this is just AWEFUL! I am so sorry. I cant believe this is even an acceptable thing for her to do!?!?!? How old are the children? They may have a say in it too if theyre over 12 years old. And for the home, i would check into that. If she has been residing there on her own for 4 years there has to be some way that it is HER responsibility. There just has to be! I will continue to keep you in my prayers Katie ((((((BIGGEST HUGS EVER!))))))

  2. The children are 9 and 14...the 14 year old has a say in court only if he wants to and he wants to go with his mother. Not much we can do about that. And yes, that has been her home for years and she was required to legally put the home in her name per the divorce decree 4 years ago but she has not done it, and the only thing my husband can do is sue her for damages AFTER she walks away from it and only if its foreclosed upon...if we come up with a way to pay it, then it hasn't caused him any damage.
    It sucks, but yet again...LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I've learned that time and time again the hard way.
    I was so hoping we would be catching a break this year, but it is not to be I suppose. Maybe next year...