Saturday, July 31, 2010

11 Weeks & Bailey's Birthday Party

Hooray 11 Weeks!!! :):):)

What a great weekend...yesterday, hubbie and I took my son and his daughter to Tupelo. Bought Bailey a digital camera for her birthday and got Taylor a new outfit. He was so happy!
We spent the weekend with the kids getting along and Rusty even wrestled with Taylor today...shocking, I know! Hahahaha!
Taylor and Bailey have been getting along well. That makes everyone happy.

We had the whole family over tonight for a birthday barbeque for Bailey. It's the first time that Rusty and I have had the family over and only the second time that we have ever had guests!
It was SO NICE. So nice. Bailey and I made her cake together and then Rusty manned the grill for some burgers and hot dogs.

Sitting in the living room watching Bailey open her presents, everyone eating, singing happy birthday, having conversation....just filled up something inside of me that has been missing. It felt so good. Like we were a family and not just two people married with kids and stepkids and stuff. :)

I'm feeling so blessed today.

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