Monday, July 26, 2010

Housecleaning, Fun Fun Fun! Yay!

I actually finally had enough energy today to clean the house. I did some laundry, swept and mopped the living room and dining room floors (including under the furniture.) Cleaned out the bird cage, did 2 loads of dishes, swept the hallway, scrubbed the bathroom sink and the toilet and the shower and the tub, swept and mopped the bathroom floor, threw out stuff from the fridge and washed all the shelves.

I'm pooped! But happy. Feels good to actually get something accomplished other than laying around and sleeping and eating and trying not to puke.

I came across this poem today and thought it was a nice reminder that God knew about Jimmy and he knows about this little one....I wrote this poem in college and didn't really know what it was about when I wrote it.
Now, I'm pretty sure its about me and missing Jimmy and *hopefully* about holding this baby after he/she is born.


Crooning softly, she rocks her babe and weeps
And but for the moonlight, the night is much too deep
"Hush, my child.." and his sobs begin to cease
nestled softly in her arms, the babe begins to sleep.

Tears cascading down her face
that only the moonlight sees
were it not for the babe upon her breast
she'd surely be on her knees

For tonight she is alone again
the pain too much to bear
thank God for little babies
and this worn out rocking chair.

And so she continues through the night
rocking and singing and weeping
the pain too much, the silence too full,
the night too deep for sleeping.

Quietly, she speaks to God
of the pain she cannot bear
and though he does not answer her
somehow she feels Him there.

Silently she cries to Him
and bares her heart and soul
and slowly warmth begins to fill
the empty, icy hole.....

Hours have passed
and the night is almost gone
the woman wipes her tears away
and tired, begins to yawn.

Her eyes already closed
and her breath, shallow and deep
a voice with the dawn says "hush my child"
and the woman smiles in her sleep.

Feeling hopeful today.

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