Friday, November 19, 2010

Becca's Gravestone Is In Now

They called my husband and let him know they were going out to put her gravestone in...he came during his lunch break and we went so we could be there while they did it.

My two babies' earthly bodies both have gravestones. Mommy misses you, babies.

Daddy misses you too.


  1. seriously!!! i am having a VERY strong discussion with my funeral home....5 months I have been waiting for Rosie's stone to go in!!!It is beautiful! sooo sad, but you are an amazing inspiration!

  2. *hugs* 5 months? Wow, I'm sorry.

    We are lucky in that Columbus Marbleworks is right in our town and they just happened to have the slab already in stock and the engraving didn't take long since it was so simple.
    Less than two weeks since we ordered it and now its in the ground...such a relief, really.
    I hope they get your Rosie's stone in very soon!!

  3. I'm just so sorry there had to be two such gravestones in your life, Katie.

    I'm praying for you. I know it sounds so "trite" but I am praying God will lead you where he wants you, gives you directions, heals and comforts you and allows you to carry a baby to term......