Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where Do I Belong?

Still waiting for my 6 week check-up to roll around so I can hopefully get some answers on why we lost Becca. Some clarification, closure, and future options would go a long way for healing right now. 3 more weeks.

At the moment, I am accepting that we will not be having a baby any time soon and I am trying to focus on other things in life like my family and our home. A LOT of housecleaning and decorating and cooking going on...maybe I'll eventually get this domestic thing down....its hard putting a tomboy in an apron.

I'm just not sure where I belong right now.


  1. I feel the same since we lost Stella, i do have two other kiddos at home, but i felt i was so ready for that next chapter with having another baby around. Our others are almost 12 and almost 4. My hubby doesnt want anymore kids now, and im aching for another because i felt so ready for her, now i dont know what to do with myself. (((HUGS))) Keep up your writing musically, i love what you do! <3

  2. *hugs* Thank you...its so comforting to know that someone else is feeling the same thing...sorry you have to feel it too though.

  3. I hope your doctor is able to provide an explanation to help you. I read somewhere that 50% of infant losses in the US are from an unknown cause/reason. My heart breaks a little just knowing that. My doctor seems confident in cervical incompetence and will treat my next pregnancies accordingly, but so far I haven't been given any objective evidence that that is the case. I moved my 6 week appointment up to this Tuesday because I think it will help to at least be able to ask all of the questions I have and hopefully, get some more answers. If only answers could bring them back..