Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Month Post-Partum

I don't have a baby to show off but God did bless me with a healthy body. I'm thankful for that. I have given birth to two children within the past year, and I'm still healthy and in relatively good shape.
Obviously, I'd much rather have the babies, but I'm trying to alter my perspective with positive thinking about what I DO have instead of what I DON'T have.
So, thank you God for my body that so readily "bounces back" from everything its been through.


  1. You do look good, but I'm sorry its under the circumstances that it is; also looks like you have a big back yard!


  2. you look great Katie! i know you would rather have your babies, but i like your positive thinking;-) you are always in my thoughts girl!

  3. Betty, I don't, I'm on our steps and that is the street and the ghetto behind me, hahahahaha!! :)
    Thank you, Erin. :)

  4. You look fantastic! It helps a little to look great on the outside when your not feeling the same on the inside.