Monday, November 8, 2010

Things To Do Instead Of Having A Baby

1. Drink a beer.
2. ....

Hmmmmm. This will require more thought.

I tried googling it...lots of people out there who can't have babies, but none of them seem to be doing anything other than obsessing over the fact that they can't have babies and/or trying to find a loophole or way around it it like adoption, surrogates, etc.

Where are the people who WANT to have more babies but CAN'T and are focusing on moving ahead in life? Where are these people and what are they doing instead of procreating?


  1. SKIING!!!! that is what i am looking forward to doing this winter:-) you can eat sushi, uncooked deli meat and soft cheese. Get in a hot tub! lol....a hot tub at a ski that sounds great!!

  2. Oh man if we could only afford to do that I soooo totally would!! I love skiing and I'm really good at it! ...and a hot tub...ahhh....hard to find in Mississippi though, hahaha!
    Soft cheeses, deli meat, crackers and wine sounds like a winner!